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MAY 2017

Above: Rock dust being applied on the cobblestone pathways -- in the pouring rain!

APRIL 2017

Above: a rustic semicurcular fence (the trelliswork made from the branches of hazelnut-bushes destroyed in a windstorm) to provide both a visual screen and noise barrier at the foot of the garden. Hop vines will soon be disguising the posts.

MARCH 2017
Above left: revamped garden gates, east side. Right: a gate across the garden path to prevent Toby from wandering.


Above: The weight of frozen snow bends a 15-foot viburnum tree down to the ground.

Above: Toby loves the snow. He's hoping for more . . .


Above left: surface roots from cottonwood trees which damage cobblestone pathways have to be dug up and the paths relaid. Right: cottonwood roots which spread out into lawn areas also have to be pulled up.


Above left: pathway being laid to the front door, with scraps of Turkish marble. Right: multi-family birdhouse.


Above: My brother Doug and his son in-law Dave help pull down dead and damaged broad-leaf maple trees.


Above left: creating a trough for a waterfall, west side. Muddy work! Right: A wooden bridge near the head of the waterfall.

Above left: A violent windstorm damages several trees. Lots of clean-up! Right: heavy-grade plastic piping protecting electrical wiring for waterfall.


Above left: Boulder, dragged up from the bottom of east side ravine, being rolled across the sundeck into position to form part of a retaining wall on the garden's west side. Right: Completed retaining wall.


Above: Chunks of Turkish marble (rejects from a stone company) form new steps alongside waterfall. Right: Some local boulders are pale blue in colour, unlike the more common brown variety.

Above left: Z-bricks taken up from front yard are laid out to form edging for grass pathways. Right: Rock from ravine being slowly hand-winched uphill.

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