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"It's important to understand that gardening is an art form . . .
you need to create many layers (of 'paint') and to keep painting until you get it right."
-- Dan Hinkley


2407. Path from main gate, east side

0317. East side

2477. East side

2484. Looking westward from east side

2484. Looking eastward, east side

2478. Main pergola from lawn, east side

2784. Path round heather bed, east side

2915. Fairy door, east side

2468. Steps to upper lawn, east side

0314. Main pergola, north side

0191. Ravine, east side

2426. Path to church, east side

0309. Pathway above ravine, east side

2427. View of church, east side


0112. Path below main pergola, north side

2957. Main pergola, north side

2721. Toby on seat, north side

2715. Rustic seat, north side

2400. Path alongside winter fire, north side

0277. Pathway and steps, north side

2425. Path below pergola, north side

2418. Pathway east from church, north side

2961. Ligularia, north side

0235. Moss path below church, north side

2793. Path along ravine leading east, north side

2467. Path along ravine looking west, north side

0192. Ravine, north side

0195. Ravine, north side

0003. Tree on edge of ravine, north side

2789. Toadstools in tree, north side

2974. Main pergola, north side

2417. Main pergola from west, north side

2491. Foot of path below sundeck, north side

2794. Beastie alongside path, north side

2949. Clematis, north side

2429. Path below sundeck, north side

2457. Path to pergola, north side

2474. View from sundeck, north side

2460. View from sundeck, north side

0026. Church frontage, north side

2986. Chapel frontage, north side

0273. Chapel frontage, north side

2442. Church from path, east side

2763. Angel on church, north side

2883. Bluebells below church, north side

2886. Bluebells alongside moss path, north side

1869. Bluebells and tulip, north side

1875. Bluebells and tulips, north side

3174. Toolshed from path, north side

0268. Steps from circle lawn to house, north side


0007. Circle lawn, west side

2785. Circle lawn, west side

0007. Archway, west side

0294. Garden shed beneath magnolia, west side

2981. View from toolshed, west side

2983. View from toolshed, west side

2964. Curving path, west side

2965. Curving grass path, west side

2967. Wooden bridge, west side

0320. Wooden bridge, west side

2968. Waterfall area, west side

2976. Waterfall, west side

2910. Waterfall, west side

2952. Curving concrete path, west side

0328. Curving path, west side


0329. Curving path, south side

0335. Curving path, south side

2801. Crazy-paved pathway, south side

0333. Entrance to garden, south side

2786. Butterfly on flowers, south side


1726. Heavy wet snow, west side

2714. Foggy day, north side

Church on a snowy day, north side

1779. Toby in snow, front of church

2974. Trees in fog, north side

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